The pen keeps moving.


In the fourth grade, I wrote my first-ever story, “The Silver Sword,” about a boy with a magical sword. He used it to enter a magical world and defeat an alligator-like monster (okay, not a stretch for a boy who grew up in Florida). I published it using my dad’s photocopier and it sold more than eight copies. Not much has changed. I still write stories. There are still monsters and people who fight them. And I am still building on and growing from what came before (hopefully).

Nowadays as an author, I am focused on writing middle grade and young adult novels and hope to find homes for these stories. I have Augustus Fig out on eBook through a partnership with the publisher Vook and encouragement from the Arizona State Library. I can’t forget my big leap into middle grade with Keepers of the Windclaw Chronicles, a trilogy made awesome by illustrator Bahe Whitethorne Jr. and local press Salina Bookshelf.

 I also like to put some attention on my playwriting work, where I have found the thrill of seeing my play Convergence produced, along with other works. And these things don’t take away from my nonfiction and poetic work, as I have Canyon Crossing: Stories About Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim (my bestselling book) and Heart in the Bony Middle, a collection of poems about my spiritual home of Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau. 

You can get updates and learn about any upcoming events on my Facebook page. As always, happy writing, happy reading …